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Welcome to the Camp Source de Vie website!

Over 170 young people take advantage of the camp each summer. The camp includes a dormitory, toilets and showers, electric service, a kitchen, a common room for 

meals, a safe beach and a large tent for the many activities there. Camp Source de Vie is an entirely French-speaking camp. Your kids will love the

experience! Come and enjoy the outdoors in the Hearst region!


Camp Source de Vie was created in 1982 and at the time was a survival and leadership camp under the aegis of Youth Services, a social problem prevention organization.

In 1985, it was the construction of the main lodge and the camp evolved into a summer camp for young people from 7 to 14 years old. In 1988 the camp became a separate corporation and the facilities were managed by a volunteer committee. In 1995 Youth Services lost its government funding and the Camp Source de Vie corporation took charge of programming.

It now welcomes more than 150 young people per summer. Anyone who cares about youth and nature can become members of the Camp Source de Vie Corporation.


Several activities are available at the Source de vie camp, including:

  • swimming under supervision

  • kayaking

  • paddle boarding

  • picnic in the forest

  • treasure hunt

  • campfire

  • dance and competitions

  • the Calypso trail

  • and many other activities that will appeal to children.

Our Activities


 2024 Session Dates

A- July 1 to 5 Born in 2015-2016

B- July 8 to 12 Born in 2014-2015

C- July 15 to 19 Born in 2013-2014

D- July 22 to 26 Born in 2012-2013

E- July 29 to August 2 Born in 2011-2012

F- August 5 to 9 Born in 2010-2011

Registration fees:

The FULL amount of the session must be paid before Monday of your child's week.

Prices are subject to change.

A / B / C sessions: 1 week = $ 295

D / E / F sessions: 1 week = $ 280

3 days = $ 200

1 day = $ 95

Financial support available for low-income families (contact us for more details)


Note that it is possible to register your child for one day or three days (two nights). This option can be interesting if it is the child's first experience in a summer camp. Then, if the child would like to stay for the rest of the week, this is also possible! Parents will be contacted to discuss this possibility and then make a decision with the child. You only have to pay the difference on Friday if the child decides to stay the rest of the week.

Registration form found below

Additional Information


  • Note that we can be flexible with regard to your child's age and the sessions. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone.


  • This year, as every year, the camp will offer children a FREE group photo


  • The camp is not responsible for the transportation of your children.

Reception at the camp:

  • Campers will be greeted every Monday of each session in the common room between 8:30 am and 10 am.


  • Friday the closing ceremony will be at 11:00 am - Departure scheduled at 11:45 am.

There will be registration blitzes on **Dates to be determined**. All those who have paid their registration before** will have the chance to win a $50 discount!

You can drop off your registration leaflets and the full amount of the session in our box located at City Hall. Checks must be made in the name of

Camp Source de Vie.


We now also accept



Click to open the file

Please note that the camp is not responsible for lost items, so we suggest that your child's name be included in this personal property.

Registration Form


We offer camp rental for receptions, meetings, children's parties or just for a relaxing weekend.

The rental is available on weekends in July, August and September.

The camp can accommodate 40 people to sleep. In addition, the renter has access to the kitchen and the showers during his stay.


Contact us for more details on our rental rates.

We receive text messages!

705-373-0407 (Patrice Forgues)

705-373-0189 (Sara Poliquin)


Hope to see you!

Rental form found below

Rental Form


Your incredible support over the past few years has allowed us to accomplish many projects to improve the camp and we are forever grateful. Among these projects is the construction of the new washroom with showers. This building is being built now and will be ready for summer 2019!

Even with your help, all of our buildings are aging and requiring more and more repairs and money, which is why we need your help.

The main chalet is our next big project!

We have already started to raise funds for this project, however, there is still a lot missing to achieve it. Our goal is to raise $ 400,000 and we currently have $ 120,000. Every donation counts! Big or small, we are VERY grateful for our help.

You can follow our progress on our thermometers. We have one posted in our office window at the arena.

A big thank you to everyone who helps us make our dreams come true!



You can drop off your donations in our box located at City Hall. Checks must be made out to

Camp Source de Vie and

we now also accept ELECTRONIC TRANSFERS at

Sponsors : 

Camp Source de Vie is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1982. Since its creation, it has had the chance to provide unforgettable experiences to several hundred young people in the region of Northern Ontario. . It is a magical place where the imagination has never had limits.

In this new technological era, it is so important to be able to offer young people space and experiences in nature. The camp is the perfect place for a child to return to his sources.

We are a dynamic team, which sits on the Camp committee, who sincerely believes in the positive effects that a French-language summer camp can have in Northern Ontario. We are proud to be able to serve the youth of the Hearst region. Having said that, we ask for your help in one way or another. It is donations from the community and businesses in the town of Hearst that have brought the camp to life since its opening and for this we are eternally grateful.

If you give a check, do it in the name of Camp Source de Vie. Thank you!


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